eBay Basic Store

When would the eBay Basic Store be worth the Subscription fee (As low as $19.95 per month)?

It seems like everyone here has a store lol :sob:

I think there are 2 good financial reasons to get a store:

  1. You are doing more than $1,995 in sales per month on eBay. An eBay store saves on 1% on your fees (for collectibles you drop from a 10% fee to a 9% fee). If you do more than $1,995 per month then you are leaving money on the table by not getting a basic store.

  2. You are spending money on listing fees. I think listing fees aew $0.30 for Buy It Now listings on eBay after the first 50. If you’re trying to get more items up those fees can really get you. If you’re paying to put up more than 66 listings you’d be better off getting a store.

Additionally you may just want to have categories or some of the bonus features that come with having a store which are more difficult to put a dollar value on. For me, I just got a store as soon as it made financial sense.

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Check this:



Well it looks like “No Store” for me lol

Thank you!