Easiest Way To Expand Your Love For Pokemon

Everyone here has their favorite cards and their favorite pokemon, but I have found that by getting into watching/playing the TCG/VGC, my appreciation for even more pokemon/pokemon cards has grown immensely. Also, this makes it so when new cards come out that have insane abilities/playability in the game, or pokemon that play a big role in the VGC, my affection for them grow as well.

If your cup has some room to be filled even more, there are some streams happening this weekend for official events.

happening right now is the Bilbao Special Event in Europe, being streamed by Limitless and Victory Road for TCG and VGC respectively

and starting at 1PM EDT/10AM PDT, the Indianapolis Regionals TCG starts on the official pokemon TCG channels

while the VGC starts at 12PM EDT/9AM PDT

also for those of you who have a connection to PoGO, this year it is an official game that will proceed to worlds, and is being broadcasted in Indianapolis starting at 9:45AM EDT/6:45AM PDT