E4's Favorite Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres (Closed - Results)

Best artwork ever!

Agree. Moltres was shorted on design. It could have been so much more. Consider the legend of the Phoenix it is inspiring. Yet it fails, perhaps why it so disappointing.

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A flame grilled Fearow



last call! get your votes in

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Results are up. thank you everyone who voted! this one was fun to discuss along the way.

one interesting anecdote re:design:
the kanto and galar forms had a direct opposite result (with both Moltres forms getting the same score lol)

8.65 - K Articuno
8.55 - K Zapdos
7.54 - K & G Moltres
6.34 - G Zapdos
5.68 - G Articuno

also, i have no idea how i messed up and made the design/set number rating polls end at a different time (14 hours earlier) than the card polls. I apologize.


Super surprised by the No.1

here are the final top 10s for everything


All ANA cards, all cards by ooyama and kanda and basically all e-series cards got robbed, i’m living among blind people :neutral_face:

There are too many instances of unfinished trios that ruin binder page layouts imo. Relevant to this poll, the full art Zapdos and Articuno from Generations are amazing but WHERE was the matching Moltres? It makes no sense.

Similar to how, in the B&W era, there are full art Entei and Raikou but no Suicune to ‘complete’ the set.

8 years later, in an upcoming app

In Japan, the Zapdos and Moltres FA were from the 20th Anniversary BREAK Starter Pack which is a randomly assorted deck. So ask them why they did what they did :person_shrugging:


so are we NOT gonna talk about galarian articuno?

clearly the best of the galarian trio

I missed this poll by the way (been off the forum for s few weeks) which sucks because the legendary birds are some of my favourites. Very enjoyable to go back through the results and see all the arts though :grin:

All I can say is that Zapdos is the best for me, and Galarian Moltres is one of the only modern Pokemon designs I approve of. The thing is just badass.

Re. the relative unpopularity of Kanto Moltres…for me it stems from the original Red/Blue when it was a pain to get into an ultra ball (being a legendary) and it just wasn’t worth it with such a poor moveset. It only learnt Fire Spin as far as fire moves go, right? And I wouldn’t waste the Fire Blast TM on it when there was Charizard and Arcanine.

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Even worse lol. They had better do a real printing of this and not gatekeep it behind some digital guff.

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Unfortunately that was answered on announcement


Ah, okay. I had no idea about this app so was none the wiser. Doing their best to hook people in I guess but digital cardboard means nothing to me lol.

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the johto beasts are up next and it’s definitely a bit of a mess. take the GXs for example. Suicune was released in a different set from Entei. Raikou didn’t even get one in JP, but had one in an english product alongside an AA of the entie GX.

Here’s what i have so far. you can see how discombobulated many of the releases are.

I could reach and combine Aquapolis and Skyridge (e2-e4) to be a trio, or the GXs, but IMO, those are from different sets and aren’t trios.

I am however going to combine the xy7, xy8, and xy9 cards that were used in the Guardians Rising 2 Pack Blister as a trio since they did appear together

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It’s so bad if you want matching ‘sets’ on a binder page…Suicune and Entei GX both have full arts but the Raikou GX promo doesn’t match because it is just a nasty 5Ban CG half art. Fortunately, I don’t collect these anyway because the Sun/Moon full arts are mostly uninspiring 5Ban with boring textures.

Fast forward to the next block and Suicune V has a full art (CG but at least a better pose, nice colour scheme and decent texture) but the other two only come as half arts :man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming: Luckily they do at least all have excellent alt arts in Crown Zenith.

I really don’t understand who decides to take legendary trios and either not include the full set in a single expansion OR does include all three but doesn’t give them all full/alt arts.

And it is still happening with only Zapdos getting special treatment in 151 with multiple versions. At least - as has been said - the SAR sort of makes up for it.

Then again, this goes all the way back to Base Set when only Zapdos appears for some reason! Never understood that at the time as kid :man_shrugging: