E4 Signature Exchange 2024 Results Thread 📜 ✍️

So you admit to fluency with Morse code! Interesting? :joy:

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I only admit to using the helpful guide you posted and the internet to try to understand your comments. Now pictograms or hieroglyphs, those would be very difficult to interpret or understand without lots of questioning for additional information.


super late posting but was great to participate this year! was bummed to barely miss last year’s exchange but it just filled me with more excitement for this go around :people_hugging:

this year i just did a few shiny poli variants (don’t think i’ve seen any found yet!), but the effort a lot of y’all put in makes me want to do more for next year! and of course, thank you to slade & pfm for putting this event on :purple_heart:

@quuador my hand just prefers to go that way so fighting it for every card wasn’t going to work out TT
i love her art from that time period and this one is super cute (and affordable!), so while it doesn’t super mesh with poliwhirl i wanted to pass out a copy to everyone :purple_heart:


Apologies as well for the late reply. But here we go!

Found a binder that went great with the E4 Sticker:

And now to the pages:

@pfm So much flavor in this card - your favorite card as well as the symbol representing the [REDACTED]. Did you design the symbol yourself? I love front and back of it and the Lopunny card art centers everything well.

@lyleberr - not surprised you went balls to the wall with your mediums again. I think everyone here can say they appreciate your wild artistic styles and you really outdid yourself with this one. I loved the personal stamp!

@bbobrob - I am a SUCKER for miniature things - the miniature crocheted E4 logo is fantastic and I love the time and effort you put into everyone’s cards. You really put yourself into this. As a fellow species collector, I was happy to see you go all out with your favorite evolution line.

@justinator I absolutely love your signature, it’s adorable. You also introduced me to a Pikachu card I wasn’t really familiar with. I wish my line work was as clean as yours.

@nppokemon At first I thought I got 1/53 and was very excited until I realized it was 11/53. But still! I’ve never seen this Grookey card and it made me appreciate the pokemon a bit more.

@jaxlax21 I had a hard time determining if I got a 1/5 or a 1/50 but I’m pretty sure I got the #1 Skiddo here!

@pokematt you took me back to one of the first cards I ever saw in Base set - Growlithe is a classic!

@Metapod_museum Metapod has some absolutely gorgeous artwork. This is no different! Much love from a fellow species collector.

@thatpikachuguy Beautiful Pikachu card here! And wouldn’t expect anything less than from the Pikachu guy himself!

@lamplamp The first holo card from my personal box and you chose one of the best arts of Flareon. Absolutely lovely card!

@nults Beautiful Bulbasaur and even a better face - I used to do face sketches like this when first starting out on the forums but I love that you added the skin pattern here!

@quuador I knew exactly which artwork you would choose when you signed up to participate and I was not disappointed. It was only appropriate that I had you and @pokecollectoramy 's cards together as the standing guards of the page! Thank you both!

@D3F14NC3 Someone once said if I was a pokemon I’d be Chesnaught - so I’ve learned to like the line over the years. The Voltorb sketch is perfect.

@lookaclara I remember your flower-centric signature art from the Himeno event. You always seem to choose a nature-oriented Pokemon and I love the little details you added to the flower.

@cyberurchin - You outdid yourself as everyone here can attest too. Excited to see you participate in the E4 Art Contest this year. Your signature is absolutely SICK and your Gyarados art matches the unreal level of that sig. Thank you again! It must have taken you ages!

@Slade I’m a simple man. I see angry moneky slapping with some sticks and it makes me smile. Thank you not only for the signature but your contribution to this entire event.

@smpratte You reminded me why I need to do a Komiya collection. Despite him being one of my top favorite artists, I don’t think I looked at his Gloom art - it surpasses most! Such a beautiful card and your signature is a classic.

@shinyumbreon like some of the more art-focused signatures here, you must have spent a lot of time on this. I didn’t know about Pawmo as a Pokemon but it’s adorable. Your Eevee is wicked cute as well!

@viridian My second Gloom card - I’m starting to appreciate the Pokemon more and thought your sketch was whimsical!

@filthynwah Is Donphan on fire? Or did he escape from Hell? I don’t know the answers to these questions but he looks like he is forging the path to battle!

@sanae You have one of the most precious sketches. I want the Poliwhorl as a badge or token. There is a surprisingly amount of quirkiness and personality in that little sketch!

@E-Unit I also really like this Abra card and used the non-foil version for one of my Mock-ados cards.

@Rattlesnake Such an amazing signature! I also love adding Gyarados into mine so I’m glad to see you represent a kinship in that.

@mrbubbles I didn’t think Dragonite could look anymore cuter or happier. I was wrong and I’m absolutely tickled by your doodle!

@hcd Big rock snake goes next to snake man. Me like big rock snake because it is also serpent. Like dragon.

@stryker2407 Your Swablu? Perfect. Content. Fluffy!

@Pkmnhawaii_collector You turned an electric energy card into something fun!

@mossdeep I absolutely love your signature and wish I could make Gyarados appear more in mine like that. Metagross is one of my top favorite Pokemon and when I saw you sign up I was hopeful you would have your own Metagross-inspired spin to your signature. I was not disappointed!

@TheMarillFoundation I love that you made a stamp inside a golden Marill tail. So much wonderful charm in this!

@johtogiraffe Your signature is so clean and I’ve never seen this artwork of Giraffarig before!

@Throwingknifekiller I’m a huge music fan so I was tickled pink seeing this little guy playing the Guitar! I also saw you added a ton of variety in your signatures!

@rzelm Never held a Halloween card in hand and I love this artwork of Gengar!

@bash2112 Love Dratini’s evolution line and your real sig is so good! It reminds me to fixup my own personal sig.

@eMcP and @jonbo - Ampharos is one of the best designed pokemon of all time. Seeing this artwork took me back to meeting it at the Lighthouse as a kid. Also species collectors represent!!

@tcgmaine I better see you in the art contest. Your stick figure Gengar is exactly what we need in the Child Drawing category - love it! Also hell yeah to Komiya art!

@A.P.Speeze The gold on the black is so good! I love the little Absol emblem as well - one of the most impressive cards I’ve seen. Umbreon stand aside!

@xileets Your artwork modifications? Fantastic. And your puns are worthy of a kid’s Valentine card - love the creativity in this.

@Justln Your illustration is perfect. I love the use of both silver and gold on this card - it stands out perfectly with the dark background!

@mannynotfound This card brought me back immediately to my childhood. Love the Porygon sketch!

@zubat I love that I wasn’t the only one who did a shiny collection of the Pokemon I collect. Your shiny Zubat is so good!

And last but certainly not least @destase I love the little sig illustration alongside with another fantastic Komiya art.

Thank you again @pfm and @Slade for organizing this, providing the custom cards and stickers, and making this such a wonderful shared experience. Everyone here did a wonderful job and special shoutout to all the folks who clearly took several hours of their day to add unique spins on their cards!


The only answer I can give you is that I was out of ideas but sticking too stubbornly to doing a bunch of unique cards :joy:


Thank you for the kind words! I’m not sure if the world can handle more stick figure Pokemon. We’ll see about the art contest. :laughing:


Finally had a chance to take photos of the cards I received. Not to brag and Im sure everyone enjoyed their cards but I got a “God deck” made just for me, or at least it feels like it.

I didnt want to repeat what everyone else said again in a giant post but I enjoy every single card I received except my own surprisingly, so buckle in.


I followed slades order from his video as far as cards.

It starts out with the abra from @E-Unit, a great looking holo to start out the exchange.
@justinator going hard with a very clean looking themed signature on a fun pikachu card.
Getting a theme deck cracked ice greninja from @jaxlax21, definitely special to me.
@Rattlesnake, it reminds me of gang turf graffiti which absolutely matches the gang of delinquent pokemon on the card.
@nppokemon an adorable grookey was needed after rattlesnakes Challenge! card.
@hcd going with classic japanese was a classy move.
@mossdeep, your signature was expected but still impressed at how cool Metagross can look. Your signature metagross fits so well as an M.
@sanae adorable poliwhirl on an equally nice looking card. Love the colors and how cheery the card looks.
@mannynotfound your porygon passion is infectious through this exchange!
@jonbo Ampharos is in my favorite pokemon family so seeing more cute art of it is a plus.
@filthynwah your embellished cards looked amazing and im thrilled to own this intense regirock.
@pokematt the smiling pikachu logo is amazing!
@xileets, youre right, I am a cool cat. I hope you dont stay away too long and come back for next years exchange.
@johtogiraffe another very clean signature. I would have thought you actually legally signed things as johtogiraffe by how polished your signature is. Also very nice girafarig card choice.
@destase adorable card with an adorable sketch.

@bash2112 delta series is one of my favorites so this dratini is awesome!
@TheMarillFoundation amazing idea to stamp on top of marker. Making it a tail made it look great and its such a cute stamp. Is it an official stamo from something?
@D3F14NC3 voltorb sketch is fun but Snivy looking smug also matches your name very well.
@quuador a classic recognizable card for a recognizable signature message.
@eMcP again, like jonbo, never going to be mad at more adorable Ampharoses.
@mrbubbles a great battle card made better with the inclusion of dragonite, he’d probably win between the 3.
@Metapod_museum definitely a cool way to get your namesake into your signature. Im hope it wasnt too tiring writing “museum” so many times.
@stryker2407 cute sketch! It looks like a baby swablu looking up to an altaria.
@Justln your sketches all came out great so Im happy to have this rotom! The silver didnt come through well but it looks great in person.
@lookaclara such wonderful personalization to match with the one from last year, eventually everyone participating with have a whole flowergarden of cards.
@shinyumbreon Wow! I held off on posting because I didnt want to make everyone disappointed too early that they werent the ones who received them but I had to post to say you did an amazing job with these. Im so happy to get not one but both of your full art cards, totally a surprise and i thought I was going to have to choose which to give back until pfm said it was intentional.
@pfm, do you have a sticker company on retainer or something? Well either way the ***** prevails.
@rzelm shiny gyarados cameo for the win!
@pokecollectoramy another happy pikachu Im glad to have!

@Pkmnhawaii_collector cute pikachu sketch!
@nults wonderful bulbasaur face. Spot on with the spots.
@thatpikachuguy adding on to the many wonderful pikachu cards this year, the ink color you chose was a nice decision and looks great on it.
@cyberurchin I already said thanks but its an adorable mareep that looks like its powering up because the energy style. Thank you for the personalized drawing!
@smpratte wonderful card with some wonderful colors, is it a recent favorite or did you just have 5 dozen glooms lieing around?
@tcgmaine the oddish is very fun. Im glad you sketched some pokemon. Art contest particpant, here you come!
@A.P.Speeze a limited absol appeared! Im not sure why its limited but I do like the drawing.
@zubat nice job altering the zubat, it looks so good!
@Throwingknifekiller scumbag delibird is great, your creativity is wonderful to see. My favorite was the james bond delibird but all of them are great, especially with all the extra details you drew.
@azulryu its not a top rarity but still special nonetheless. It goes nicely with rzelms shiny variant.
@bbobrob I still dont know how you can do such a small craft and make it look so good. And on top of that, drawing 2 characters per card. Amazing work.
@viridian, Im inspired by your sketches to start practicing myself to try matching pokemon. Seeing all your different pokemon sketches get better and better has been so cool to see!
@lamplamp awesome card choice! Flareon looks so cute and fluffy in this card and I love that its a holo.
@slade a limited shiny thwackey helped make me consider this a god deck. The efour stamp as well was cool, really interesting way that you made a stamping jig for the cards. Cool to see it all come together.
And my own card… well maybe next year I’ll have better coin styles and more experience to do better.

Definitely a shame I didnt get a mysterious token although some seem to have gotten lost with without being posted about. Would have liked to do some research myself on them. Then again, I seem to have found something recently that cant be mailed to untrusted sources, guess thatll have to wait for another event though.

Again a huge thanks to everyone who participates! I had such a fun time this year making a unique signature card and I hope everyone else did to!


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Thanks guys! I love the cards. Sorry for my scans being off center! I tried my best but its hard!


Sorry for the really late post.

I just want to thank everyone again for a really great signature event. All of the signatures are truly special and they are something I will cherish always. Special thank you again to @pfm and @Slade for all the work done. I am sure it was a lot of legwork to make sure everyone got their decks. I really and truly appreciate it.

Also a big thank you to all fellow E4 friends who participated. It really means a lot getting these cards. I will be also posting the images on my IG, please let me know if there are any objections for that.

Looking forward to the next one!