E4 Shared Scavenger Hunt

Step 1: find it
Step 2: check it off
Step 3: post it

PS. You have to own it.

Miscut cat Pokemon
Miscut dog Pokemon
PSA 10 Carnivine
PSA 10 Swablu
PSA 10 Florges
PSA 10 Pupitar
PSA 3 Stage 1 Pokemon that has a Stage 2 (i.e. middle evolution)
Non-English, non-Japanese Electabuzz
Non-English, non-Japanese Kakuna
Non-English, non-Japanese Dachsbun
Non-English, non-Japanese Cosmoem
Non-English, non-Japanese Spiritomb
Non-goldstar signed by Fukuda
CGC card with subgrades: 6 9 6 9
Any card with a cert that has two "420"s in it
Sunfaded Pikachu card
Card worth > $1000 that went through the wash
Card worth > $1000 that was damaged while being cracked
Russian Vivillon
Non-worlds Staff stamped trainer card
Mislabelled Mew card (any company)
Goldstar that you pulled and graded a 10 (any company)
Moonbreon you pulled and graded a 10 (any company)
An alt art card that has a print error that is neither a miscut or a texture shift
D.efending Beedrill
Any graded non-holo Emerging Powers card
Any ungraded card worth at least $20k


I own none of these and am no help :slight_smile:



RIP good luck everyone. I am no help here. :headstone:

What a great idea! I’ll check off a few!

PSA 10 Swablu:

Non-goldstar signed by Fukuda:


If you can’t check the boxes because your trust level is too low, just post what you have and someone else can help.

I’ve got nothing.

Nope. Nothing.

I am not at home at the moment, so I cant make a good picture, but here is an old one of a miscut dog!

This is a great event, happy to have helped:)

I dont know if I cant cross it because I am on my phone or because of the trust level, but the miscut dog can be ticked of


Only took 700 packs


Are eeveelutions cats or dogs? Would my Flareon get credit for miscut cat?


If your post gets at least 15 likes I’ll allow it


I’m not sure if there has been a thread on the topic, but I have always viewed the eeveelutions as closer to cats than to dogs or foxes. :thinking:

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Will have to look through my non-english/non-japanese cards later, might have some of those.

Does an unofficial card (matchprint) that I wouldn’t sell for less than 20k count as a 20k value raw card? :slight_smile:

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Does this count as a stage 1 psa 3 middle evolution card since pichu pikachu raichu?



Korean Kakuna


Spanish spiritomb, German Electabuzz, and bonus German Kakuna. Don’t think I have others though unless I happen to have Korean of the last couple


Im also out