E4 Pokemon fan art and crafts

I like the top better too. Gives me more of an impression of a really bright source of light present in the top right.


I agree with @bbobrob that the shading in the first on gives a nice show of where the light is illuminating jirachi. My eye moves from the blue to those wonderful expressive eyes. The blue highlights on the second one are a little off, just enough my eye isn’t sure what to focus on.


I love to 3D print stuff and thought I would show off some of my prints that I have started to process and paint.

1st is this lil turd…

I accidentally dropped him and broke one of his whiskers off and his left ear is a lil wonky from the print but it just gives the scrappy guy some character.

Next up is a Pidgey that has it’s first rough in paint done and a primed Abra.

And lastly we have an Eevee for my Daughter that we are starting to process as well as a Venonat that I’m just now starting to patch up and get ready for processing.

Lastly I have a couple of GB Cartridges I made as a wall piece. I brought some to Card Party this year and my son and I had them signed.

Forgot about these guys…Metapod and Carterpie. Metapod is quite beaten up after some local tradeshows…


Wow, those look amazing! Where do you get the files for them? How long does it take to process them? Does that mean sanding, smoothing, and primering? Your painting looks great on them!


Those are pretty awesome! Do you design the model yourself or are you able to incorporate free models available from other sources?


Some files you can find for free but I was a patreon of a guy named ydeval who 3D modeled pokemon in different poses and such.

Processing dependes on how well the print comes out. Sometimes if there are intricate areas there may be more layer lines you have to deal with, which means alot of sanding to smooth them out. I print in both resin (Abra, Pidgey, Rattata) and FDM (Eevee, Venonat). I like the resin for its inherent smoothness without the need to sand at all but it also is limited on how big of a print you can do. The resin prints I can do a single print up to about 8-10 inches tall. The FDM I can print gigantic things, which I will in the future be working on a 6FT tall Piccolo from Dragon Ball Z.

I appreciate the painting comment…I’m use to painting warhammer which is very tedious so these larger prints are much easier and less detailed oriented than a small miniature.


Sometimes you can get lucky and a free model that fits the need or desire is out on the web but I typically browse artist who are good at modeling and see what they have to offer. Artist usually don’t have cookie cutter models with generic poses so they can generate some really unique things.


Those models are so super cool! You did a great a job with them. Also, the DBZ figure in the background is also super cool :wink:


Very cool! The models and painting look great. I especially like the pose of Abra model. Hope you share when you finish painting some of them!


I appreciate it! I’m no pro painter but will definitely share the finished products as I knock them out!


I was going to mention that the paint job on Pidgey is spot on. Looks like an official Pokemon product


Thank you! I tried to stay true to the Pokémon’s color palette and because I’m not gifted in mixing paint colors to get perfect matches sometimes it’s easier said than done. Luckily the Pidgey colors were close enough and paint mixing didn’t really require anything complex with the paints I had on hand. Honestly I have been entertaining doing a monthly giveaway on E4 where I print a certain Pokemon and whoever is a die hard collector of that Pokémon or just loves it in general can get their name drawn to win it for free once it’s complete.


For real, I noticed too. It’s my favorite! Beautiful works


You’re too kind! Pidgey has a huge place in my heart!

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That sounds like it could be fun!


I think it would be alot of fun as well and I know alot of people would love to have a huge statue of a fav Pokemon! I think I will push for August being the 1st month giveaway that way I can take these next few weeks to looks at all the models and land on a pokemon for the first round as well as generate a writeup a week or so before August to launch this thing.


Time for another (mini) craft recap with lyleberr… well only sorta.

This time I had the opportunity trying fused glass at a glass studio with a group. $15 is a deal I wasnt going to miss for an hour of interesting fun. I also didnt take any photos of the process while working on it so youll just have to make do.

Info: Fusible glass is a type of glass that will melt around 1800°F in a kiln that holds that temp for several hours. Not all glass is rated for this. The glass comes in all sorts of colors and when fused together will layer depending on the mold used. Since it literally fuses, once fired the glass becomes a single piece.

Who’s that pokemon?!


Process: This craft was done by taking a 4x4in clear glass square and arranging different cut glass shards by memory. After the larger shards were placed loosely making the pokemon, smaller straight shards were placed to show the background electricity, and finished with a very fine sand-like glass frit of assorted colors intended to show the energy. It was intended to be somewhat abstract.

Lessons learned:
Glass frit melts differently. Some melts the best and smoothest in a larger puddle while some stays small and contained. Curved glass will not flatten completely. Sharp edges can still occer after fusing along the edges, not the top. Coasters will end bumpy still. Glass hangers to make it a suncatcher look very ugly if using transluscent glass and while im glad they made mine a decorative coaster instead, its still a bummer there wasnt a more elegant option.




Correct! It was unexpected that I participated so I kinda just made it up with the first color I grabbed, yellow.


Very cool. Sort of mind blowing that glass is sand, which is rock, that you can see through.