E4 ART CONTEST 2024 Thread! (RESULTS! ! !)

I like it in theory but from what ive tried in the past it doesnt give me enough physical feedback. Also almost infinite possibilities leads to intimidation. Like I said in the arts and crafts topic, I need to force myself to keep trying it so I can understand its flow better.


Sorry for late reply. Was kinda busy recently.
At the request of @bbobrob , I’ll post the references thread here

Meowth’s Party (References):


I’ve included A LOT of references to the Pokémon saga in the Meowth’s Party sketch I’ve presented to E4 Art Contest 2024 (Original Category). Some of the things I’ve referenced are extremely forgotten by people.

Poliwrath, Golduck & Marill are the swimmers that appears in “Go, Poliwrath!”. It’s a Nintendo e-Reader minigame where Poliwrath has to defeat Golduck & Marill in a swimming race.

I’ve made an sketch of those 3 in the past

Flying Pikachu is a reference to an artwork that appeared in a CoroCoro Magazine from 1997!!!

Delibird is more a personal reference …
I’m a Delibird Species Collector. My favourite Pokémon TCG card is E5 Delibird.

Blue Kecleon is a reference to P Promo Kecleon (Z-01-b) which had a Blue Kecleon sprite in its e-Viewer data.

Ditto is a reference to “Transforming Ditto”. Ditto’s colours for this artwork were based on the ones used for this Pokémon Tales book

Fat Farfetch’d is a reference to the Farfetch’d that appears in Pokémon Tales book: “Ready, Set, Doduo!”

Machop with Pizza Chef costume is a reference to another Pokémon Tales book named “Let’s Make Pizza, Machop” where Machop had to make a pizza with the help of his friends.

The Chef costume was based on Club Penguin’s Pizza Chef costume!!!

Shiny Psyduck is another personal reference … It’s the Psyduck I have as a partner in “Pokémon Sleep” :zzz:

The Shiny version and normal version of Smeargle swapped colours in some past games …
I decided to include it as a reference to it …


Omastar is another personal reference …
I had to include Omanyte evolution line in some way …
I included Omastar as a cameo …

Umbreon doesn’t have an exact reference …
It was included there because it’s a cool Pokémon …

“DJ Krabby” is a reference to an sketch that appeared in “Pokémon Card Trainers Magazine Vol.20”.

Buttons from DJ Krabby’s DJ Box includes GameCube Control Buttons and Game Boy Advance D Pad

Jigglypuff is a Pokémon that is known for singing …
The headphones she uses are based on Kirby (Mike) headphones!!!

Team Rocket’s Meowth was the Pokémon that had an animation for SpaceWorld 2000 that shows it having a concert. Meowth plays the guitar while he sings!!!


Meowth’s Party (Scrapped ideas):


I’ve scrapped some ideas due to I’ve run out of space

  • Unowns O, M, A (Reference to my nickname)
  • “Construction: Melody Box” Clefairy as one of the singers (Got replaced by Jigglypuff)
  • Electabuzz as the dude who plays the guitar
  • Every Post-Gen II Pokémon got scrapped due to I wanted to keep the idea of being a Gen II game. Kecleon was included because it was heavily used to promote Gen III in 2001.
  • For the reason previously mentioned, I scrapped Tinkaton
  • More Pokémon in the public got scrapped: Dragonite, Gligar, Stantler, Scizor, Shuckle and Heracross are the ones that I’ve considered.
  • I’ve planned to include a screen behind Meowth that had E4 logo
  • The Mystery Dungeon OCs I use: Charmy (Charmander) & Leaf (Chikorita) were going to be part of the public, but got scrapped. I’ve made art of those 2 last year

Was extremely fun drawing “Meowth’s Party”!!!
Thanks for reading (if you did; if not … also thanks!!!)

Thanks to “pfm” for the solution of the problem with the images.



I’m glad I asked about the references because they were awesome. I don’t know much about thr e-reader games, but those were cool to see, as were the references to the Pokemon Tales books. And I didn’t know the reference for the flying Pikachu either—thought it was just a literal interpretation :joy:


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