Duskull's Collection

Hey guys! This is a link to my collection. Currently I have every card I own scanned and I have more coming in the mail so be on the look out for updates!

( Click here to see my collection on PhotoBucket! )

I scanned them in as pages, not individual cards because that would take way too much time. I might start scanning individual cards tomorrow, but it would take quite a while to get through them all.

Thanks, and I hope you enjoy my collection!

Very nice beginning collection!
What I suggest to make it really shine is buy a lot of holographic bulk…
Like $0.20 per holo or something, I’m sure some people will sell their cards.

Hey, thanks for the kind comments :blush:

Can you give me information on where I could get some “holographic bulk” for 20 cents each? I would jump right on that if it was really that cheap!

Thanks again!