Duplicate Pulls in Booster Box?


I recently bought an XY Base Set booster box from a trusted source. This is by far the oldest set I have ever purchased. I was surprised to find that I pulled TWO of the same Emolga Ex and TWO of the same Xerneas Ex. I also pulled two Greninja holos. I got no other Ex cards and no FA. I’ve opened plenty of XY and SM boxes and never pulled duplicate Ex/Gx or holos, and always got at least one FA.

Is this just really bad luck on my part? Is it more common to pull duplicate rares and ultra rares in older sets? Has anyone else ever seen this or something similar?

Any info would be greatly appreciated. Sorry if this topic has been covered before.


I have gotten duplicate pairs, but usually its a full art and regular ex. Or a secret rare and full art etc. But the amount of duplication you got is bit strange! Hopefully more people can give input.

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Sounds like a bad box. I had a double EX pulled recently from a Breakthrough box. 4x ultras is the right ratio for XY base. It did not go to 6+ a box until Primal Clash.

Remember XY base was also a part of those reprinted boxes, so it would not surprise me if some had been stuffed with extra packs hanging around.


Interesting. Is there any way to tell if a box is from the original or reprinted run?

I never paid that much attention the box itself, but I did notice a lot of the reprinted individual cards had a different stock. The stock was more like the newer stuff but some of them almost had a fake look and feel to them. If you opened up the Legendary Bird Battle Decks, if was kind of like that. Very clean edges, extra gloss to the surface. I don’t know if all are like this. I bought most all of my reprint boxes from the same facility.

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Wow that’s really interesting. Thanks for the info. Here’s to no more duplicate ultra rares!

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