Dugtrio (Asobikata promo)

Hey guys, anyone have one of these in Mint condition for sale? I got 2 mint Diglett (Asobikata) for cheap on eBay but I’m missing this one.

Let me know!

I’m out of town atm but I believe I do at home. I’ll repost Sunday when I check

Sounds good, thanks. :blush:

Hey, I just checked, as it turns out I sent mine to PSA so it will be gone for a few months. My bad, sorry about that!

Darn. :slightly_frowning_face:

No prob mate, thanks anyways!

I have one factory sealed in its magazine. with the diglett and dugtrio… Let me know if you are interested.

Unfortunately I purchased the Dugtrio about 2 weeks ago, thank you though! :blush:

I would be interested if the price is right.

maybe PM me the details

@anonspaz: Just Pm’ed you