Does this pack have a holo?

Bought some booster packs from a seller because I wanted an artwork of each. I have an extra blastoise and it looks to be heavier than the other packs. Is this enough to guaranteed have a holo?

I havent opened a base set pack since 99 so it would be fun to crack one open. Already have the Spanish Charizard, so I won’t be bummed if I dont get it. Just wanted to confirm it has a good chance at a holo.

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I would say yes. I believe the holo card is around 0.5 g heavier than a normal card. You can test it out if you have raw base set cards.

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Please let us know what you get if you open it. I’m very interested cause I’m in the same boat.

Also if you do open it, check the copyright date of it versus your other Spanish cards. Spanish Base Set has two different unlimited prints. One with a copyright date of 1999 and one that says 1999-2000. At least as far as I’m aware. @quuador knows more about that then I do.


We don’t really like posting this kind of information here on e4


If a person has gone so far as to invest in a couple of gram scales, they probably already know the answer to their question.

I’m closing this thread.