Does anyone remember the clear plastic cards?

My Friend has a clear plastic mewtwo card, its a little bigger then an ordinary card. He asked me to ask about it, if anyone could enlighten us thay would be great and maybe tell us if its worth anything?

I will post a photo of it when my friend is over next, he said it is a quater of the size of a tarot card and a bit like the plastic clear cards you get with the Dragon Ball z and GT cards to use whe playing. But it is an actual card and its coloured im fairly sure, also in mint condition with his original first series polemon cards.

Would you happen to have photos of it? I honestly have not seen any clear plastic pokemon cards.

Sounds like it’s a box topper. Let me look and see if there are any mewtwo ones.

I believe the cards you are thinking about are box toppers from the following sets:

1/12 Alakazam
2/12 Feraligatr
3/12 Tyranitar
4/12 Venusaur

5/12 Entei
6/12 Espeon
7/12 Scizor
8/12 Suicune

9/12 Charizard
10/12 Crobat
11/12 Ho-Oh
12/12 Kabutops

The last four from Skyridge were clear plastic cards of the “crystal type” Pokemon.

Thank u… Is there anymore light you can shed on the subject? I am in the process of getting the card for a photo, I have seen it myself its a mint condition mewtwo