Does anyone know ebay member pmr-md?

Have you had any problems with this seller?

Never dealt with them.

Never heard of them, why do you ask?

I just bought a card from him but that’s about it xD says it’s been delivered but can’t check it out at all :slightly_frowning_face:

Well, since I live in the Netherlands combined shipping is my only option of getting a decent deal. So I won a couple auctions but he won’t combine shipping and only uses ebay shipping. So that would mean paying over 200% shipping, which I think is to much. I had an auction going for the complete shiny collection mint 1st edition set including all FA’s, he bought it. I asked him to cancel my items since I can’t pay that much for shipping and had tried to work things out. He replied saying that he will pay for his purchase if I do too, and only then. Which to me sounds like some sort of ebay payback. Thought you might want to know about someone pulling this kind of …

Ebay shipping… you mean global shipping program, right ?


Well, that is odd. I’ll ask again.