Do we know the Carddass Promo print numbers?

I recently came across this photo mentioning that Carddass 000 Promo would be awarded to 1000 people:

Present #3

1000 people will get a Carddass specially made just for the CoroCoro Shop

A limited-edition Carddass available only at the CoroCoro Hobby Plaza in Ito-Yokado.

Super-rare card

Do we have any similar mention for the other Promo (one that has both Red and Blue) around potential intended release? I know it the other promo was in a vending machine in Ito-Yokado, but I’m curious for how long was this promo available in the machine or any details known about it.


From the discourse I’ve seen about it the past two ish years I haven’t seen any discussion around distribution amount. I know that it’s scarce in high grades but quite available otherwise with some people having larger collections of it ungraded

Curious about this as well. I really like that Carddass #000 artwork.

Same, I never have seen any primary resources for any info found. I was kinda shocked when I found a reddit post asking to translate that posted image and it straight up mentions “1000 card distribution”. I had never seen that number thrown around and curious if any deep divers have any other primary sources around the releases of these cards.

I feel like I saw a couple of years ago on a Japanese website that it was mentioned that 5000 of each checklist card from that set were distributed…

Take with a grain of salt because it was a while back that I saw that and who knows the source lol


Its hard to say. Just as being an active buyer of the checklist cards I have observed over the last few years that there are always copies available, more so than other cards with 1k and 5k estimated releases.

I remember reading this article a few years back which briefly mentions the checklist releases but ive never dug deeper myself

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