Do any of you guys play in a league?

Just curious - I remember being 10-13 playing in a league regularly, I wasn’t sure these still existed until I came across the mention of it on another forum. For those of you that do, what’s the typical age group? I thought about stopping by a local one just to check it out but I keep getting this image of being an older creepy guy (mid 20’s) amongst a bunch of 12 year olds!

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That’s exactly what I see too. I think it would depend on your specific league though. Some may have a solid groups of older collectors/players who participate, just need to scout your locals.

I recommend checking it out. When I first went to one with any sort of regularity, I was 17. The majority of the others were 21-24. Have some good friends still from that period of time.

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A mid 20s ‘old creepy guy’? Ugh…just shoot me now;)


Haha not old creepy guy in life! Just when amongst a bunch of 12 year olds :grin:

Going to take Reina’s advice and go browse when the league just so happens to be running…probably my safest bet! Thanks guys.