Distributor Promos - Revival Approved

Okay, so I’m really interested in getting these Distributor Promos from waynegg (the ones on ebay), but I don’t want to overpay.

I know for rare things, it ultimately comes down to what the buyer and seller can agree upon, but I want to know what you guys think each card is worth.

I figured $4k each, and here’s why:
The English VS set has 12 copies of two different sets, with a total of 24 printed sets. The whole set goes for $5k.
The #1 Trophy card each year goes for $4-$5k if I remember correctly, and there have been 3 of each until recently when 6 were printed.
So if there are 6 of each Distributor Promo, $4k makes sense as the print run is on par with the trophy cards and the rarity matches that of the English VS set.

What do you guys think? I’d like to get a good sense of their value among the community before I commit to anything (the last thing I want to do is overpay by a few grand!).

Thanks to anyone who contributes!

I personally don’t see the big hullabaloo about a stamp, I mean if you did send them to get graded, would PSA acknowledge the stamp and label it something else?

That being said, they still are quite rare and in my opinion I’d say maybe $3k?
I understand your reasoning, but I wouldn’t classify them as sought after as the trophies or English VS.

PSA wouldnt label those cards special because they havent been officially released (same as for the PR raichu).

For me personally, a stamp doesnt add several grands to the value of a card. Also I wouldnt pay 4k for a card that I have no proof of being 100% real… I wouldnt even buy a PR raichu because of the same reason. Of course thats just my opinion.

BTW: if you need to decide beetwen a no. 1 worlds pika and a distributor promo I would advice to take the pika because of the long-term value…

to be honest… I think they’re worth less. I remember wanyegg offered me these 2 cards before in the past.

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I agree with what was said above. Since I know too little about these Distributor Promos I can’t really judge on how much they are worth and if they will retain their value over time, but I think there are many more desirable cards in that price region. As always it’s also a matter of taste and if you want these cards really bad and if you are willing and able to invest this much money in them then go for it!

Personally I don’t really care for such stamped cards unless it’s the Raichu. (Where are these btw? We have multiple Illustrators on this site yet no Prerelease Raichu?!)

They’re all in my pocket ;D

you wish they would! :wink:

4k is too high per card. Those exact cards were purchased together for $2,200-2,800. They are also not in mint condition. The other set sold to Dave Persin in 2011 for $7,500, which I would consider a high price.

The problem with these cards is that there are not enough specifics. The English VS have a specific story, and their distribution can be documented. The PreRaichu has a specific story. However, the Distributor promos details are still vague. Also, most collectors do not know about these cards, which is in part due to the lack of connection between the actual card and their origin.

When I first saw the cards in 2011 I was deterred as they had a stamp that did not entirely reflect or explain the story. PreRelease Raichu has a PreRelease stamp. These distributor promos have a more generic stamp which does not immediately explain or make a connection to the cards origin or purpose.

A good example of english promo’s that explain themselves are the Tropical wind/wave/beach cards. Each year a card is made with a unique illustration and is stamped with the name and year of the event. The connection is clear and undeniable. With the distributor promos, you are not getting the same clarity when looking at a common illustration with a generic stamp.

What is also a bit frustrating about the rarest english cards is that their existence stems directly from the staff. Where the Japanese promos have a legitimate distribution that can be documented, the rarest english cards are usually some sort of variant of a common card that the staff decide to release and tell you its rarity and distribution.

I don’t want to turn this into a rant on english promos, even though admittedly I somewhat have, but this perspective might help before you decide to invest a significant amount of money on these cards.


Having been involved in the creation and stamping process I’d be careful of any normal card with a unique stamp…including the Raichu. The simplicity of the process should be heeded.

Now a unique card with a stamp, where none were produced without the stamp may be the better place to invest. I try to keep in mind that amazing currency forgeries, with bunches of safeguards in place, are available worldwide so how much trouble could it be to add a little gold stamp?

A term used many years ago in regards to collectible sports cards was:
"Subtraction is much more difficult than addition":wink:

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Thanks guys for all the research! I almost dropped $4k per on waynegg’s! I guess a more reasonable offer would be $1.5k per for his seeing as they are not mint.

@djgigabyte ~ Do you think you could get me in contact with this new Munchlax owner?

So I would think a stamped Munchlax is reliable since there were no unstamped holo versions.

Reviving this from the grave as recent discord discussions centered around this. Some claim that these have been debunked as fake. Looking for on topic discussion on these. Anyone have any proof to either side, fake or real?

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Reviving of thread is approved.


These are the cards in question?

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@canman202020 I think you owned these at one point. Any comments? @funmonkey54 seemed to have some info on them last time a convo came up.

There are serious questions regarding their legitimacy.

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Can you elaborate and link any relevant information? I never recall seeing any questioning of their legitimacy until tonight on discord. All I recall seeing is a very minute amount of conversation on this forum that seemed to basically take as a pre-established fact that they were legit.

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I was the first to view these cards in person, and these bothered me right out of the gate. You can read my post in this exact thread from 4 years ago. I cautioned people from the jump as their release is extremely vague.

I might make a video on these cards at some point. The inherent issue of disclosing what I deduced & know about these cards will tarnish other English anomalies.

The short answer, take any unreleased item with a grain of salt. The more vague the information, the more vague the confidence.

Honestly from the pictures I’ve seen only the Munchlax stamp looks like an actual stamp, the Piplup and Turtwig look very off.

Just an observation, more than anything.

This will sound stupid and cryptic, but it is my understanding that Scott and I will be producing a short video about these and some other cards at World’s this year in a dialogue style that raises questions and explains why we, at least, have shifted our stance. So I’ll ask for patience for now. And again, I’m sorry that sounds stupid and cryptic.