Digging and found GOLD...I think;)

Went into a box I haven’t been through in years and found many great error cards.
What may be the best one was a Square Cut Stage Error Blastoise. Very close to MINT.
Any of you come across one like this and what value would you put on it?

Fascinating thing, never seen it.

What value would I put on it personally? I don’t care for square cut cards, so I’d value it the same as a mint Blastoise error. What value do I think it will fetch on eBay? A solid $75 more than the regular at least, maybe more. Although if the BIN OBO price is too high buyers will be deterred…

Nice find :blush:

If a PSA 10 base common brings 91.00 then this should bring 1000 lol

Nice find Gary. Any chance for a pic?

What’s it email

I have to say this on here as I did on the gym to preserve the integrity of the hobby. Most square cut cards are not made legitimately. For example, the resent sales on ebay are from someone who took a sheet and cut them. It is not something you can ever get authenticated because there is no way of knowing if it is real.

Oh it’s real. Many sheets went uncut only to be cut later and some were even test cut for alignment purposes.
This card, along with a couple dozen more i have, came directly from Wizards as replacement cards. Back in 1999 I would send back 20 or so base set shadowed holos a week as defective which were usually replaced with shadowless cards…which is why I was doing it and also why I still have MANY hundreds of shadowless holos to this day;) Well, one week my replacements came and they were all shadowed square cuts.
Another top eBay seller got a few the exact same way. And there’s a couple of eBay sellers still around who got just shadowless the same way.
As a side note…after about 10/12 months the replacements started coming back normal shadowed cause we already emptied out the original replacement stock.
Hope that info helps:)

Gary, how do you feel about the neo pikachu that sold?

Not aware of it Scott…

Give me your email and ill send you a pic.

This is the one I am referring to.

Hmmm…that does strike me poorly. Tons of those neo sheets are around and it would hurt the hobby if everyone started cutting them up and selling them for ridiculous prices.

Interesting aside. I’ve received 2 offers over 500.00 for the error blastoise square cut. Sure it was test cut square but the no stage error is VERY rare and apparently getting it off a test sheet may make it one of only 7 to ever exist and fewer most of those probably never made to market.

Congrats! Again I don’t like the idea of a square cut card but this one is a gem

I agree Jason, I have been in the same boat since I can not discern between copies on ebay. This conversation is also being discussed on the gym. The debate is about if it is ok to cut cards from sheets and sell them. I have my opinion on the situation but it would be nice to see what others think.

I have my opinion too, I’m pretty sure it aligns nicely with yours! In the end, the reality of cards is that if there is money to be made by any means whatsoever, people will go there. If people think they can make money cutting up sheets, then they will do that, I just won’t buy :stuck_out_tongue:

No matter what, this one is ultra unique now that I’ve been thinking about it. Try finding an error Blastoise on a sheet! Gary has also said that it came from WOTC themselves, kinda cool.

You’re right brother. Just wish I would have gotten that original sheet this card came came off of;) I wonder if all the blastoise on the sheet had this error? I’m assuming they did.

Nice find for sure! It must be one of few that survived.

That is quite awesome! A double error directly from wotc?? I am assuming you plan on listing it on ebay? …I’m sure some error collector would scoop that up quick.

I had forgotten about this card along with other nice cards in the box until just recently. Many I hadn’t even seen in a decade.
I hesitate calling this one a double error seeing as the test cut was surely intentional.