Did TPCI handle the CZ/VSU printruns well or not?

Now that CZ saw the release of its last unique Product, the cycle of CZ is almost over.

What do you think? Did TPCI well calculating their print runs? Did they print too much or too little?
Do you think there will be more to come?

Speaking for Europe, I would say It there was a good amount printed, but it was still a bit in short supply if you actually wanted to get it at a retail store and not from a specialized online vendor.
For Japan, It was great seeing VSU getting a reprint that was actually announced. Since this caused a price drop and made boxes more affordable.

What are your thoughts on how they handled it? Will there be new print waves in English or Japanese?


i need jp to be cheaper still


Would love to see the same, but I highly doubt it :frowning:

For me locally (USA), the TCG/Sports cards shelves are still wiped clean, except for CZ boxes

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I think for the USA they did a good job with the amount of supply. Items are still readily available. There is most likely plenty in the warehouses to allow supply to meet demand for some time.

Knowing TPCI they are going to print a ton more down the road (whether it is this year or a year or two later) and completely saturate the market.


I don’t really think Pokemon can print a set too much if im being honest, especially one of this caliber. Its had 5 months of product releases and I still have found it in stores pretty reliably. Thats just me though.

I’ve heard VSU is harder to get, but I don’t go for that set. Whatever English prints, expect Japanese to be a fraction of it

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I’m no big fancy business man, but I know that if I had to choose between too much supply or too much demand, I’m going with too much demand.

All things considered, VSTAR Universe seems a lot more available than people thought it was going to be, but a case of 20 is still going for an average of $70 - $80/box on Yahoo Japan right now. That sounds like the sweet spot to me as we approach the 6-month mark from VSU’s release.