Deutsche Post

This is so freakin tilting me right now. I’ve sent 1 letter and 1 packet with the German postal service to the US. The letter was insured to up to 400€. They said it would take about 2 weeks to get to the reciepient. Now, it’s already more than a month and it’s still not there. They are currently doing research but they said it could take about 8 weeks. And until then, I don’t get any money back… >.<
As for the packet. I’ve sent it 1 1/2 week ago as premium mail (130€!!! shipping cost → guarantied delivery within 10 days) to T&T (cards worth $1k). Now it’s been 2 weeks and a bit and it’s still not there. How can that be?! All they said is that they will do another research. Man this really makes me freak out!!! :!:!:!

These situations are always nightmare’s. Just try and be as persistent as you can. I spoke with the person receiving the card and said the same thing.

I had this happen awhile back on a domestic item in the us. It was supposed to ship to texas but the tracking stopped for a week. I called the post office where it stopped and just was polite but to the point and they finally got it delivered. Hopefully the same outcome will happen for you!

Thanks, Scott!
I already talked to the buyer (he is a UPCCC member, btw) and he is luckily waiting and hoping with me :blush:

This is ridicoulus!!!
I called the post office today, telling them that my packet that I’ve sent to T&T still didn’t arrive. Now they have to do research again and it will take up to 8 weeks AGAIN!
Man this makes me so angry…how can that happen TWICE within 2 months!!! Gosh, I hate Deutsche Post!!!

Gosh…I’ve had some international shipping problems but never to Germany…and I’ve shipped there dozens of time.