Desperate for a PSA 9 French Charizard Base Set Unlimited!

I am desperately looking for one of these and as you know desperate times calls for…emptying the wallet.

PLEASE let me know if you have one/willing to sell one/knows someone that is selling one/making one/knows someone that is making one or ANYTHING! I am dying~~~~~~~~~~~~

Thanks! :blush:

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Unlimited foreign is a pain as it seems less pop up as everyone grades the 1st Ed. I know the feels GL sir!


Ugh I’ve been looking on ebays for an ungraded one for months now and every single one I see looks like the card had a sexual encounter with a blender. :sob:


I had this problem when I tried to find my french unlimited blastoise. Not only is unlimited harder to come by but the demand for base french cards is overall higher than any other language aside from English. I guess the french love their OG Pokemon cards.

My advice is to message a few sellers from France and to just keep searching on

best of luck

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I had a nice laugh at your comment @charchu - Certainly wasn’t expecting to read that, haha

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ludkins just graded one for somebody, you might be able to get their details from him?


Hmm I shall give it a try!!! Thanks a lot!!


What great timing xD