Dealing With eBay Sellers Sending as Postage Due

Does anyone have an experience with this?

I just received a card I won on eBay in an auction. When the package arrived, there was $3.68 in postage due. It was only a $10 card, so that is a significant amount.I’m seeking advice on what avenues I can take to reclaim the $3.68 I had to pay for the package, if that’s possible at all.


Did you already speak with the seller? If they expect you to pay $3.68 additional for postage, that is terrible business practice. I would get in touch with eBay/PayPal by phone so you can speak with an actual representative. They’ll take notes of your situation for review if you need to open a case. On the other hand, USPS will be next to useless in a situation like yours. It almost goes without saying how awful their customer service can be.

I have contacted the seller and have not received any response for a full 48 hours. I figured asking here would be beneficial to everyone, as we could pool the knowledge of everyone with experience with this. And if I don’t receive any response in the next day or two, I’ll proceed from there based on the response here.

I will note that I’ve never called eBay and had my case handled successfully as the last two times I tried that avenue, the accents of the people on the line were so thick that I couldn’t understand what they were saying.

It must be a low rated seller? If so, beware dealing with them. If its a substantial postage due like that you could refuse it.

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