DBZ Question

Ok, I consider myself a dbz collector. I have no idea what to think on some Andoid Saga cards.
Question: What does the burning symbol on android saga cards mean?
Black style mastery, Android saga, burning symbol, not the RR symbol. The last picture shows what I mean (copyright).
I was going through my dbz sets and noticed something weird. Complete android saga maybe 2-3 burning symbol cards in the set. These I always see on the internet, with a burning symbol, Copywrite 2001. Now for the reason behind the question. I have 30 android saga cards, copywrite 2002, with a burning symbol. These also have a completely different picture.
What is this?
Both are limited edition with different copyright year.
Both of these cards are #107.
Same card compared to both limited and unlimited versions.
The sets go Android, Cell, then Cell Games. These are not promotion cards, these are the playing cards.
Copywriter 2001 last through Cell Saga. Copywrite 2002 starts at Cell Games. That’s a considerable gap.

I used to be big into the score DBZ cards. It is hard to remember back.

I thought the RR symbol was for the android saga set. The burning symbol for either the nex set (cell games) or was it a movie subset? I have those cards in your photos, just can’t recall.

What I mean is, the burning symbol is RR set. Why are there 2 copyrights? Cell saga is a blue C symbol. Reference: Frieza, Trunks, Android, Cell, Cell Games.
Cell games is when the copyright went to 2002. I don’t believe there is a subset for future trunks.

This card is listed under Cell Games and Cell set. I still don’t get why 3 sets use the same emblem.
This still doesn’t make sense.