DarthEevee’s eevee art collection

After review, I am seriously considering selling my Pokédex collection binder and buying the rest of the English cards I don’t have along with any new illustrations coming forward. Conservatively I think I’m in for about $1000 :grimacing: not to grade just binder

What did you do to put the pokedex binder together? Does each Pokémon have the cheapest one you can find? Your favorite artwork? Or the rookie card?

Reason I ask is could you downgrade your binder? If you had a base set Charizard, you could sell that and replace with a $1 Vivid Voltage one. Just an idea


Yeah it’s a good question. For the newer gens, yeah just budget basically but for gen 1-4/5, there’s some real heat in there, base Charizard included

This is also a “curation” play too. I wouldn’t sell the hot cards out of there to buy Eevees AND replace cards I sold as well

Reholders are back! I love the black redesign


Awesome! I can’t wait to see every artwork like this.

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Recent pickups for the binder collection!


OH *|>^ LET’S GO


Oh nooooo

Hopefully they just mixed up 2 cards and not a bunch of them. What does your Majestic Dawn Eevee label say?

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Also majestic dawn. The others appear to be correct. I think maybe MD cards are more common and they just randomly happen to have the same set number (63/100) as sandstorm and battle stadium

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Ah so maybe just the 1 card mislabeled. Not too hard to get fixed. Hopefully they fix it quickly without much effort from you.

Can’t wait to see all the grades

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POP 1 lmao

I have a munted leafeon for sale also haha

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Best grade of the bunch


Y’all I feel dumb can someone tell me how to make one of those image scrollers so everything’s not one below another?

How to make an image gallery or slideshow, courtesy of pfm.

Hope this helps!

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It works!


Hmm. For some reason it doesn’t work within the main post text. But that’s fine

Might need to summon @pfm for post formatting issues.

Eevees are looking good though!

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