DarkPersian Accounts

Hey everyone,

I wanted to write this message after the DarkPersian’s visit to our site but the inclement weather delayed everything.

There are a couple of ebay accounts that all belong to DarkPersian. Here they are: darr2013, itsdarr_93 and the original, dpakmnm

I was recently contacted by a person named, “Malcolm James” who is also Dark Persian. Their email addresses that were used were:



Please avoid these ebay accounts and disregard any emails sent from these addresses. Also, Dark Persian sold an item to a respected buyer/seller named: minute(1) and tried to pose as him when communicating with me. DarkPersian has no ethics or soul so be careful if someone makes an offer that is too good to be true.

If anyone comes across any other information please post it so we can avoid any further issues.

Thanks for the warning. I hate scammers, they’re such losers.

I didn’t know he loves Miley Cyrus

makavelithadon27@hotmail.com” - I feel like I’ve seen that email before, but haven’t been scammed so far (where’s that wood?!?).

I lol’d at: “DarkPersian has no ethics or soul