Dark Persian No HP error

Just been offered one at $80-$90 in trade value. Problem is the actual cards I’d have to trade; he wants top-tier collection stuff… what’s it worth-ish, how rare is it, and how many are estimated to be in existence?

It’s in mint condition. Any advice would be appreciated.

They’re quite rare, EXTREMELY collectible (especially to English collectors), and the price is about right. Not sure on exact numbers and I don’t think anyone else is either. At the time it was released it was rumored to be ± 500.

What does he want for it?

He’s valuing it the same, or slightly less, as one of my two Sample cards. :x I’m inclined to value the Samples higher, since IIRC there are only double-digits of each of those in the world.

i would say its very very very rare to find.only seen a handfull of people have it as of now but still its hard to track down.i believe even at this point its at the 200 range and up.

I wouldn’t give a Sample for it. How often do you have the opportunity to buy Samples vs. how often is there not one of the Persians listed on ebay?

Agreed, definitely not sample rarity. You would be loosing a lot in trading a sample card.

Eh? You can get Sample cards for less. Why wouldn’t you trade? :thinking:

smpratte and Mozz are the only ones who have them listed on eBay; smpratte’s are graded and Mozz’s are $80/ea. Do you really think the Persian is reasonably worth more than that right now?

Also, do any of you guys have Mozz’s contact info?

Scott was doing a UPCCC special on the sample cards, so I picked up a Chansey.

I don’t specialise in English cards very much so happy to sell it for $90 :wink:

The Persian is more common. The only reason you see sample cards up are because top collectors have them listed. Average collectors don’t even know they exist. Average collectors know persian and think 1st edition charizard is the rarest card…

Also I have seen way more persian errors and they are always on ebay. Sample cards are prize card rarity and have one of the best stories behind them. There is a reason the guy wants you sample card for his Persian because the sample card is way more valuable and rare.