DaFen Artist Village - Shenzhen

Guys - just found out that there is a village near where I live that comprises solely of artists who reproduce famous oil paintings. They’re so good - they have fooled some auction houses.

You can see examples on eBay:


And a video on youtube: China's Production-Line Painting Workshop - YouTube

I’m going next weekend. I’m taking a Chinese Charizard card from baseset with me for someone to copy as a big oil painting. Can’t wait to see how it comes out and have it up on my wall!

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You need to get a copy of that shit up on here as soon as it’s done!


For sure mate. I reckon there’s a market for this…new eBay venture?!

For sure, you could get orders of peoples fav cards and offer different sizes and everything

That’s a really good idea. I would pay good money to have a nice painting of one of my favorite cards.

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I’ll test them out first - could even specify which style of artist you want. I’m thinking a davinci style Charizard

A new product for your store.