Custom Playmats?

Dos anyone here have experience making custom playmats?

I’m talking about hand drawn ones. I would really like to give it a try, but I don’t know what coloring materials to use. I thought about trying Sharpies, but heard that they tend to fade and smear. Maybe spraying with a fixture would help avoid that?

Any suggestions? :blush:

Draw them in sturdy paper/cardboard and them send them to be laminated, I read on Y! Answers that Staples charges $2 per square foot (I Googled the cost of laminating a poster).

Yeah that could work.

I really want to draw directly on a regular mat though. They’re nice to roll up in a tube and take around. :blush: Also, I’m afraid lamination would be really slippery on a table and with sleeved cards. Probably difficult to play on.

When I get back home this weekend I will ask some of the guys at my shop what they use. I know a few people that frequently make playmats. Just white ones that they draw on.

They said Copic Art Markers.

Awesome. Thank you very much! :blush:

Of course! If you make anything, you should post pictures. :blush: