Cross grading to PSA

Hi! I got a couple cards graded by CGC that would like to get graded by PSA AS I dont like the CGC slab and all my collection is PSA graded (bought them as they were wayyyy cheaper than the same PSA grade)
What is the best way to approach this? Sending them for a crossgrading service, or open the slab and send them as a regular grading service?
The cards are a 8.5 mewtwo and chansey base 1st edition, Im worried I send them for crossgrading setting a minimum of 8 and for some reason they didnt reach the min grade, so my guess would be either sending it without a min grade or oppening the slab and send them for regular grading service.
What do you recommend?

Personally, I’d inspect the cards first and judge if that’s a condition you’re happy with. If so, I’d crack the slabs and submit the cards raw. I believe that’s what vast majority of people on the forum would recommend. At least anecdotally, the crossgrading service seems to be quite often unseccessful.

Also, this question would likely be better suited for this thread:

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