Crimped/Miscut WOTC Cards

In addition to my other thread, simply put, I am looking for crimped and miscut (preferably severe) WOTC pokemon cards, any card any language. Let me know what you have. Thanks

Do they have to be crimped and miscut? I have some crimped cards from the base set (mostly base 2000 actually) that I removed from packs. They aren’t really miscut otherwise though. LMK

I think he means crimped cards as well as cards that are significantly miscut.

Crimped OR miscut, If you have any crimped base set cards please contact me I would be very very interested. Thanks!

I’ll contact you when I can get to them :blush:

Awesome thanks man.

so why do u want messed up cards?

Miscut/Misprinted cards sometimes have a huge appeal to some collectors; not so much in pokemon, but in other games, miscut/misprint cards can reach even 10-20x the amount a regular one is worth. I simply like miscut/crimped cards because they are generally unique. For example, anybody can get or buy the rarest cards in pokemon, all it requires is money; but to seek out miscust/oddities/misprints etc are unique. Anybody can get a 1st ed Base Charizard, it isn’t unique or special in any way, there are a ton of them; all you have to do is go to ebay and buy one. However an extreme miscut holo from base set is extremely rare and unique. Most likely less valuable, but more unique nontheless.

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Hahah you better be flexible on price if you ask for 300… I found this Japanese Squirtle, nothing much but you might like it too so this will be an extra for our trade :wink:

Your card is very cool, however I’m just not seeing the money there, no offense. It is very off center and border miscut which is cool don’t get me wrong, but it isn’t showing a part of another card (which is the most important money factor in miscut cards).

Haha, sounds good, thats a cool squirtle you got there.

Old bump, still looking for any crimped or Mis-cut Pokemon cards from Base-Neo4 in any language other than Asian ones. Contact me if you have any.

What is your idea of “miscut”. More than one card showing or just off center?

Yea any border miscut by maybe a 2:1 ratio or more. Or if anyone has cards with part of another card showing I am really interested in those too.
I just have a few off center cards if you’re interested.

Interested in the lightning energy if it is mint. What do you mean by off-center?
The company didn’t have the measurement right on the border. Same way 2 cards in one can be made. I’d say the energy is condition 7.

What off center cards do you have?

Just the 3. I thought you might like that Charizard. I haven’t noticed that Venasaur or Zapdos off center before. Too bad he doesn’t have a off center Blastoides, to have the starter characters.

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Ah ok, I like off center cards but not enough to pay over 1k for them lol. I want them to play with, and most people here would consider me crazy for sleeving up a PSA 9 Off center Zapdos and playing with it haha.

I think I get it. You want to play the card game with a deck no one is ever going to be able to copy. I mainly have cards with ink spots (factory misprint on the color). These are very, very common.
I do have another card, with a crimped holofoil. I think we’d be too far apart on the price.