Creating your own Secret Rares

Having a moment of appreciation for the Neo Destiny Shinings here, and thinking to myself if it was my job to come up with the next set of ‘secret rares’, what would I do?

If we take the Neo Destiny secret rares for example, we can give three core features for this mini-set:

  • All 8 Pokemon are ‘Shining’ variants.
  • Each Shining is a different ‘type’, covering each type (asides from water).
  • Unique holo style whereby only Pokemon itself is holo and not background, holo itself is also different to anything previously seen.

So with this in mind, what features do you think would make a cool secret rares mini set now? I’m thinking similar in size, maybe up to 12 cards. How would you tie them together?

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I guess I should post some of my own ideas…

Maybe a 5-10 card set, each a different Pokemon type, and each using a different HM in the artwork.

Another idea I’m fond of is having full-arts that combine to make one bigger picture. Imagine the super artwork you could make with multiple full arts.

I love this topic :blush: I would like to see new gold-star like secret rares to be honest.

-All cards are textured full-arts
-All Pokemon featured are shiny
-All cards are dual-type, the regular type of the Pokemon and the color of the shiny Pokemon
-All cards are incredibly rare (URs)


Greninja: Water/Dark
Caturne: Grass/Fighting
Deoxys: Psychic/Lightning
Rayquaza: Colorless/Dark


Your idea+Eeveelutions.

@smpratte said at Worlds he’d love to see the Gold Stars continued.


I would love a revisit to the original 151 Pokemon where the secret rares are FA versions of Final Evolutions.

Kind of the theme with some Jumbo Cards, I’d love some Fusion type secret rares where they feature TWO Pokemon in one regular cards (In a lot of Non-TCG stuff, Gyarados and Dragonite get featured together, so something along those lines).

I also love the idea of a Secret Rare of Missingno as a Trainer/Pokemon Card.

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If what @darkrai posted were every real life, it would be out of control! That card is something a lot of collectors would appreciate.

It would be difficult to bring back Gold Stars as the FA cards are next level in regards to the illustration size. I remember one of the selling points about the Gold Stars when they first dropped was how they exceeded the border. Where the FA cards are like, “that’s cute”.

I do like how the Gold Stars had the same illustrator throughout. It would be cool if they did something similar.

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I like the darker quality to the art on Gold Stars. They just all look badass.

Amen to this.