Cream Coloured Ponies and Crisp Apple Strudel

This set is looking to be very intriguing!
Does anyone have an opinion on it/more insight than pokebeach?

"Japan will be releasing a new mini-set on February 1st called Shiny Collection. Like this year’s Dragon Selection, which was released in late January, all of the cards in Shiny Collection will be holographic and there will only be 15 booster packs per box. But unlike Dragon Selection, there will only be four cards per booster pack instead of five. No other details are known about the product at this time.

While the “shiny” in Shiny Collection might make one think that shiny Pokemon will appear in this set (alternate colored Pokemon), “shiny” in this case could just be referring to “gorgeous” and “cute” as well as the holographic cards. The font of the product act is rather feminine, pink, and the Pokemon used in the ad are ones that usually appeal to girls. The product description also makes no mention of alternate colored Pokemon, which would normally be one of the first selling points. So, we might not actually see them in the set. Thanks goes to HeatRotomFTW from our forums for providing us with this news!"