CP ETB Error

Opened a Champions Path ETB that had 2 sealed promo Charizards inside. Anyone else experience this before. Couldn’t believe it.

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Awesome luck :blush: I believe the etb’s are hand packed so there’s always bound to be human error.


I believe a while back another member posted that their ETB was actually missing the promo and they even purchased the box directly from the pokemoncenter.com. Guess we now know where it went!


The real question is are they both crimped?

I didn’t realize that they are hand packed. That definitely gives this story an explanation. I’m glad the error wasn’t 0 promo Charizards!

here one of those is mine, you can ship it to me. COol you got two.

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Nice luck!

I didn’t even know that you get a free Charizard in every Champion’s Path ETB… I’ve never opened one. That’s interesting, but almost too generous. We should have to hunt for all our Charizards. :wink:

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Nice! I’ve heard from two different persons thus far their box didn’t contained any Charizard promo card (one of GemMintPokémon here on the Efour forum, and one on reddit last week). I’ve also heard from two different persons thus far their box contained two Charizard promo cards (you, and the other only from mentioning).

But as said above, they’re all hand-packed, so errors are unfortunately bound to happen. Congrats on being lucky with two, instead of being unlucky with zero. The promo is a pretty sizeable amount of what the ETB itself is worth being a Charizard.


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In case anyone wans to see a tiny peak at the hand packing of ETBs, the front page of mprintgroup.com/ , the company that actually prints Pokemon cards, shows some snips of the process. Card N All Gaming made a Youtube video showing and talking about it, but the small video loop itself is pretty cool. Look at all those Shining Legends Raichu boxes!

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Lucky you!