Could someone give me more information about this box?

Hi guys, I was scanning Yahoo Japan Auctions and found this. I tried looking online to see what exactly it is, but am not exactly sure what to search for. Could someone give me more information about it, and what it might be worth?


Alright, thank you very much.

Great advice. Make sure not to overpay on this box as a lot of people in the United States kept hoards of them from the early days of the hobby.

EDIT: Hoards might be a bit exaggerated, but think similar to the early JPN Booster Packs.

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I’ll keep that in mind, thanks for your input!

Yet, this is one of the greatest sets out there in my opinion. Best artwork of blastoise and venusaur and all cards have the bulbasaur and squirtle logo. I love them.

And look at some of the unique to this set, art! Especially Arcanine! Love it!

I remember going into a card shop recently and they quoted me $350 for that. I laughed my way out of the building.