Could someone do me a big favor?

I’ve been trying to increase or remove the selling limit that I have on
Contacting (ebay for my country) doesn’t work, they tell me to contact
However, when I went to and tried to contact them, there was a number for people in the USA and a number for "outside continental US"or something like that.
I clicked on the latter and did not get any number.

So I’m wondering if there’s a really kind person here from America who’s willing to call ebay for me.
We’ll need a bit of good timing since the code only lasts for 15 minutes.
Thanks in advance. :blush:

You have a selling limit for a reason, no?

A quick google search has yielded some helpful links (hopefully).

It has been there forever…
I think it has to do with me being Dutch.
My feedback is 100%, and never had any trouble so I don’t see a reason.

What is your feedback score?

May I ask you how much your limit is? I am using the German eBay and I can sell 75 articles OR 3.000€. Depending on which limit is reached first. I had to verify my address to get higher limits.

$5000 OR 100 items.
My feedback is 194 and 100% and I’ve sold to 8 people since June 23rd.
Sandman, how did you verify your adress? I need to contact since I’m registered there, but they don’t give me an email address or something.

I could repay anyone who’s willing to call for me, it’s just that calling from the Netherlands will cost an insane amount of money compared to an American calling them.
A small trade could also be doable. :blush:
Also curious how to verify my address (I think it’s already verified?).

They sent me an envelope with a verification number I had to enter online.

How did you get them to send it?
Did you verify with

No one yet? I’ll repay anyone who wants to call them for me, it’s just that it costs me probably like 10x more.

Sorry but each country has a unique relationship with eBay. I don’t think majority if any of the members have had the exact experience you are having. I know that this is completely foreign to me since the US does not have any of these stipulations. If it were something that more people experienced, myself included, we would be able to help out.

If you haven’t figured this out yet, what exactly are you wanting us to call them for? I.E. Are you wanting us to impersonate you? Call them and give them some kind of code? If it was a little bit more clear I might be willing to help.

Look, all these people don’t understand what you’re asking.

I’d be happy to call EBay for you, if you tell me what you want me to do :blush:

EDIT: I do need to know what it is I am doing so be sure to include that in your PM.

Awesome! I’ll send you a PM. :wink: