Correcting People Who Have No Idea...

People need to stop trying to educate people with false knowledge.
There is definitely more than 10 sets.

How many sets are there appx?

it depends, there seems to be more then 10 sets but 10 seems the most logical number. I have seen people suggest winners were given 10 sets each which just seems too many. Why would they give each winner a 100 cards?

No one knows how many exact copies exist. We have discussed this topic multiple times and we all know there are more than 10. With that said, we should not speculate how many there are.

I am going to go ahead and lock this topic. No one did anything wrong so don’t feel bad. The reason is that it will only turn into a disagreement/possible fight on something no one actually knows for sure.

If anyone has actual information on the sets feel free to send me a message. I will re-open the topic if we have some concrete numbers/information.