Corocoro Promo Computer Error or PSA error?

I submitted a 1998 Corocoro Computer Error Trainer card to PSA and when it came back, the holder was labelled as “CPU Error” instead of “Computer Error”. Is this right?


This one? Well, パソコン大暴走! Actually translated word by word means The Computer’s out of control! Maybe PSA wanted to use orignial Japanese names here but if so they failed. Also pop report shows that most copies were labeled as “Computer Error - Glossy” and “CoroCoro Comics” in the variety slot. Hope this helps!

Maybe because the r shade isn’t red? Could you post a picture of the graded card?

should be this one

Yes, it’s the same one. It’s the Corocoro promo with the red shadow on the “R”.

The problem was PSA can’t make up its mind whether the card is called “Computer Error” or “CPU Error” so they decided to print both labels, as you can see from the picture. Then someone decided to use “CPU Error” on the card and posted the other label to me just to make sure. It would have been funny had they actually picked the other label.


First world problems, lol

Now that I see it, it’s also possible that they just wanted to create more space between name and grade and therefore shortened the name. MAYBE
The only label which I remember has very little space inbetween would be a PSA 10 Shining Gyarados. However, good job on the grade :wink:

I’ve never seen that happen! But yeah, it looks like they’re going to put “CPU error” on the Gem10’s for better spacing, but acknowledge the card is actually “computer error - glossy”. Very weird! But I do agree with it, it looks bad when the words run together.

PS 'grats on the grade!

It’s very normal that they try to create labels with more space. They would rather leave one letter away at the end (such as with scotts 1997 trophy pikas: TOURNAMEN) instead of letting the grade and name come together.