Cool Stuff Inc makes zero sense, horrible customer service

So I have regularly purchased from for quite a while and I have to ask you guys if youve experienced the same problem I have had. Every now and then they will have pretty decent sales and I try to take advantage of the great prices. In the past when the Pyroar boxes came out, I purchased 24 I think for $8 each (at the time it was a good deal, now they suck). A week later, I received a 100% total refund from them with zero explanation. I was confused because the site still said they had them in stock. I called them and the guy I spoke with actually told me that “it is not fair to others that you are purchasing so many”. I was speechless. Over the past few months I got the same treatment and over the past 2 days, I purchased 24 of the Groudon/Kyogre collection boxes for $12 each with a discount + free shipping. Good deal right? No. Today they refunded me for all but 4 boxes, again without an explanation. It makes ZERO business sense to sell discounted items one at a time when you can sell them in one lot to one person. Time equals money and they are wasting it for “fairness”. So ridiculous. If you are a business and you don’t want to sell something at a certain price, don’t sell it at that price or limit the quantity that someone can purchase (CSI has this option). It turns out that people have complained for the same reason on the better business bureau site but CSI wins because they state that “they can cancel anything at anytime for any reason”. Absolutely horrible. Just curious if any of you have experienced this before.

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That’s absolutely stupid.

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I could see maybe if they stated a limit per customer up front but to just arbitrarily reduce your order is kind of stupid. I guess the way they see it when having a finite quantity of something, since they are discontinued, they aren’t really in a rush to move the product as fast possible because all of them will inevitably be sold without giving any discount. Not sure when the discount applies. Again though, why they wouldn’t rather be up front with the limitation per item is kind of stupid as it potentially wastes peoples time. It makes it seem like there is just one guy sitting in a chair somewhere seeing your order and reducing it without it really being the policy of the business and feeling as if they made the world a better place there after.

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Thank you. I understand price strategy trust me and if they want to hold on to a few, just list them for a higher price or list only a couple. To put them on a discounted special and then refund the order is ridiculous. I’ve purchased from many other sites in the same fashion and this is the only one that cares about fairness instead of making a profit. How they operate doing things like this I have no clue. BE WARNED! They may cancel your order…

Maybe it’s just because they want to have a greater range of products for potential buyers, you know what I mean? I often buy from stores that have few items that I want, not only one, so I can save on shipping or I can just save my time and buy everything I need from one store/seller.

I don’t see other explanation for this.

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WTF ive not heard anything that daft all week lol.If they have a sale on and do not want to sell more than say 4 of an item they should say so clearly, if they do not say there are restrictions you should be able to buy as many as you want!

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I have to agree with thebeezneez. If you have a restriction or a limit, post it. I don’t disagree with limits at all, I do it in my store by listing less than I am comfortable with selling. But I would never screw over a buyer because I was unhappy with the quantity that they purchased. Its almost as if I am being punished for my actions. CSI would NEVER do this if they listed it on eBay, they would get an immediate negative feedback that would absolutely stick. I don’t care what business strategy they have, there are ways to do things without screwing over the buyer. The funny thing is that with the recent orders I made, they originally gave me free shipping because it was over $100. After they refunded all but 4 boxes like I said before, they still gave me free shipping. Because that makes business sense. Cut the order and then spend more by giving the buyer free shipping.

Limiting the amount is a great idea, if you tell people you are limiting it. I would be upset if I were you!
That being said…
Limits help prevent the rampant internet scalping we see now. It also helps prevent artificial price inflation for certain products.
However, this seller just needs to get organized. This seriously cannot be how they handle this situation every time…

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I am just waiting for the seller to post a rebuttal on this thread. :stuck_out_tongue:

That said I agree with you Rockcarolina.


I would love a rebuttal. An explanation other than “fairness” would be awesome to hear.