Hi all,

I dislike venting but I felt the need to share this story.

One of my good friends contacted me recently. I won’t reveal his or her name. However, he was in a tight place financially and I agreed to sell several items at a generous fee – 5% of the net profits. I only charged a fee because I knew the sales would take up a good amount of my time. My friend advised me to sell a handful of items at auction. In particular, items that I knew almost nothing about.

I find out several weeks later that we had sold several counterfeit items. I was not happy. I explained my frustration with the buyers and my acquaintance. Of course, I foolishly agreed to sell the rest of his legitimate items. Now a month has passed and I have run into a handful of problems with this consignment. Counterfeit items, missing items, unwillingness to follow through with sales, and unacceptable response time. All in all: a bad business agreement. I thought I was doing a friend a favor, but all I did was dig myself a hole.

I think most people who know me know that I take my business incredibly seriously. I am deeply saddened by this friend’s consistent pattern of negligence and disrespect. For anyone out there considering consignment, be cautious. Both sellers need to be fully committed to teamwork in order for this to work out well.



That’s odd your friend would do that to you…
Sorry to hear about that man :confused:

I was seriously disappointed.

I am beginning to think he has lied about his “success” in other aspects of his life. Oh well.

P.S. It is not someone in the Pokemon scene so nobody needs to worry about that. :blush:


Never go into business with friends unless you are willing to deal with the inevitable consequences. Sorry you had to realize the consequences :slightly_frowning_face: It is a shame that some friends can be inconsiderate in this manner. It makes you wonder how they view your friendship.

sorry to hear mate, hope the rough patch is a short one for you

These arrangements are actually fine. I’ve done many. One rule though…I am always in possession of the items so I can inspect and ship. Simple.

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It is always a shame when trust is misused. In a perfect world, the details of the arrangement wouldn’t matter because honesty would be assumed. So I completely get your disappointment. Very sorry that you’ve been put through this by someone else.

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That is what stores do.

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