Computer dead...which to buy?

Looking for a decent desktop PC after my laptop died. Don’t need a laptop as I have a phone and tablet for on the move.

Anyone have any recommendations for an affordable desktop? Want something quite powerful that isn’t going to cook itself after 1 hour lol


My personal recommendation would be to do some research and just build your own from parts. You get way more bang for your buck and it’ll outperform anything that you can get prebuilt out of box.


I build PCs and have since I was like 7 … What ever you do, don’t buy a prebuilt pile of crap.
I can help you with the parts if you not sure what to get.
Also I can link you to a store in the u.s if that’s were your from that will put it together for you cheaply, and it will still be custom built with awesome componementies.


I have NO idea when it comes to building PCs…is it difficult?

It’s not very hard. I’ve built quite a few desktops myself. The biggest question for you is AMD or intel. :blush:


If you qualify for 12-month financing on storewide purchases totaling $399 and up

What do you plan on doing on this said computer?

My guess is search for Pokémon cards and post on UPCCC.


Yeah sure just that


It is 2016 think bigger.

You lost me.


I dont know I was hoping he would reply in the short 10 secs he had

He is too busy watching Pokémon box opening videos.


“Porn” and “a short 10 seconds”!
Hmmm…why is that ringing a bell?


4k porn… Pay more for the monitor than the PC itself because ya can.
Not that I know anything about 4k porn, but I do 4k gaming with my GTX 980TI…

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Get a nice laptop and keep it on your desk.

I’m a bit biased being a HUGE Apple product fan, but I just recently purchased the 27" iMac All-in-One. I’ll admit it’s certainly more expensive than some computer options (Sony, Dell…) you may be currently looking into; however, it’s well-worth the cost!!! I went from my Sony Vaio laptop to this - have been using it for just over two weeks - and I’m already IN LOVE!

Desktops are faster.

What ever you do … Don’t buy apple. Lol.
You can actually die if you try and upgrade it.
You will eat it, and you will like it.

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