Complete Grimer collection, which cards might I be missing?

(Posting for reference later on)

All cards on this list: 24

Special reverses: 3
Masterball reverse, Legendary collection reverse, L2 Unlimited japanese reverse

Total: 27

Other base set artwork variants: 2

1999-2000 Australian Fossil Grimer, 1st edition base set

Total: 29

Cameos: 2

Dewott Legendary treaures, Eevee 48/68(either stamped japanese promo, regular or reverse)

Total: 31(not sure about cameos)
Potentially getting a Topp card as well to make it an even 30, but that should be it.


Unlimited cards in general obviously yes, but no Grimer


Interesting! So this set is the Japanese version of Undaunted, right: HS Undaunted Pokemon Card Set List

Set has some other cards I’m interested in, but nothing I particularly need in japanese, just some cool prime cards.

Undaunted is the English version of L2 Reviving Legends, yes.

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If you ever decide to expand to other languages, @quuador made this great reference I’ve been using to plan out my metapod collection. It’s not updated past certain SwSh sets, but still great!


I’m suggesting to search a bit on mercari and yahoo auctions and consider making some more purchases to save on shipping costs, combining your purchases before final shipping is free of charge on buyee :slight_smile: also suggest checking if there are some coupons for discounts

@Versy lovely that the good little stinky guy is getting the love it deserves :pikalove:


Did you ever get it? I wanna see more pics

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