Complete English Crystal Set

What would you guys value a complete Crystal set at? It has 1 of each holo and RH from Skyridge and 1 of each holo from Aquapolis. The whole set is in mint condition, with some being Gem mint (don’t know which though).

I am going to buy a lot of a complete set that also has an additional holo of each Aquapolis crystal, so I figured it would be best to sell the complete set, then sell the extras individually or whatever.

Thanks to anyone who helps!

Are you? Because I was told by the same seller that the gem mint ones were guaranteed to go to me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Did you buy a full set?

Are you talking about the dude on heyfonte? that dude is pokepuzzle FYI

I’ve been working with him off of all forums per the suggestion of ottawacollector and have had zero problems with him whatsoever.

I’d gladly middle man any deals done with him.

Apparently everyone knows who I am? Dafuq~


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By the power of observation. Anyways, I envy you. I would like a thread dedicated to my username on pokegym.

Lol. I didn’t even do anything wrong.
The entire situation was just stupid.

Anyways Daelum, If you still want to buy from him, just use paypal goods , you’ll get buyer protection.

lol. You think I got banned because I scammed?
You honestly think that’s why?

In other words, You honestly think I’m not trustworthy elam?

I never traded with you. I’m just letting Daelum know who you are. And also since it’s a complete crystal set… I recommend paypal goods because the value is high. I don’t know why people keep using paypal gifts for high purchases… Just suck it up it’s a few dollars. I always sell with paypal goods never with paypal gift

Daelum and I have already traded before.

ALso, I never accuse you of scamming. When I stated that dude is pokepuzzle, I was merely pointing out your identity. I did not make any accusation against you

Hmm, I interpreted it as this:
When you said: “please send via paypal good to get buyer protection” etc etc, that IMPLIES that I’m not trustworthy enough to send via gift.

Calm down bud. You make a bad impression when you charge in guns out. This is a strictly calm, relaxed forum. :heart_eyes:

Okay, if you’re forking over $100+ , it’s common sense to use paypal goods/services.

Paypal fees are 2.9% and 2.9% of $100 is $2.90… I think an extra $3 won’t hurt.

Nah, it really depends on the person.
I’ve both sent and received plenty of payments $200+ (one time even a $500 payment) that were all via gift.

It’s based more on trust between the buyer and seller than “common sense”.

I’m just looking out for @daelum … it’s his final decision on if he wants to do gift or not.

Well sadly it’s all gone either way. I either reserved for Funmonkey or sold to someone else.

Woah, didn’t expect all of that. Anyways, here’s my situation:

I just bought a set of Crystals (1 of each holo and RH from Skyridge and 2 of each holo from Aquapolis) from jugujeegee via HeyFonte Mart on Facebook. I was hesitant on using the gift option, but ultimately chose to do so as I deemed the seller trustworthy due to the reps from other HeyFonte Mart members. Although I still would feel more comfortable with using the goods option, and am/was willing to front the fees, I settled for using the gift option. I trust the seller purely based on HeyFonte Mart experience, and have no idea of who he is outside of HeyFonte Mart.