Colours Collection

Figured I would start one of these to show off a few things I have.

Got these Yesterday and wanted to show them off, Made by a guy on Instagram.


You should link his name because those are awesome!

his IG is wilkin8977 :blush:

Wow sorry PSA, you just lost a customer to a Instagram seller. These are so simple but look amazing.


Those are neat! Is it acrylic?

They are acrylic, Very well done.


Decided to see if I could get a complete Base 2 NM - M for a good price and the cards looked good from the Pics. Received it today and got this crap. Looked at the first 27 cards and found 8 in terrible shape. Creases, Dirt, Bends, sticky sauce type stuff on the cards.

here was the listing

here are pics of what I received, not happy. supposed to be NM - M to me this isnt.