College Scholarship Question

Can somebody explain (break down the numbers) on what this means exactly. My wife got this scholarship for the upcoming masters she’s going for.
Assume total tuition plus fees is 10,000.00usd per semester.

Thanks in advance:)

Seems as if 7500 in total is going to be provided, however, only 5000 will be provided until the requirements described are met.

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This is worded weirdly. From my understanding the person receiving the scholarship would receive $7,500usd per semester while $2,500 is used as collateral in the case that the person did not complete all required components of the course. Only after the all required components as successfully completed is the last 25% of the scholarship used to pay for the course.

I’m probably wrong. I dropped out of college 2 days before I started so I never got into this side of everything.


I agree with elftan’s interpretation. Strange how they withhold the 25%. Those requirements make it seem like she won’t get that 25% until essentially years after she is done. Almost like the scholarship has to mature hahah. Good luck to her!

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Are you sure it’s the full 100%? It says 25% of these funds which makes me think it’s 25% of the 75%.

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It depends on if its a 75% scholarship or 100%

Seems like 75% from the verbiage.

In that case the withheld funds each semester would be $1,875 wouldn’t it? Since that’s 25% of $7,500.

That’s the tricky part, I am not sure if it’s 25% of the 75% or of the total scholarship amount. It would make more sense for it to be from the total but anything is possible I suppose.

To me it reads as though the scholarship is 75% of the total tuition and fees. So 50% will be paid out and 25% withheld until the end. Or maybe an easier way to say it would be that the 25% will be reimbursed, since she’ll have to pay whatever is due to finish the program prior to teaching for 5 years.

Edit: Tl;dr (I think) she is responsible for 50% tuition and fees. And when she’s done and taught for 5 years, she’ll get 25% back.

So you’re thinking it means of the 10k 5k is covered by the scholarship, 2.5k is our responsibility, and 2.5k is covered by the scholarship once the conditions are met?

Mojo and elf think it means if the 10k 5625.00 is covered by the scholarship, 2.5k is our responsibility, and 1875.00 is covered by the scholarship once conditions are met.

S’one else thought it meant 7500.00 is covered by the scholarship and 2.5 is covered by the scholarship once conditions are met.

This is so confusing. I wish she could just play left tackle and get a full scholarship lol.

Thanks for the well wishes bambino:)

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Asked my partner who completed scholarship terms but now owes $50k as the remainder of her part (so I think she knows what shes talking about, haha)

The scholarship will pay 75% of the total tuition fees. SHe would be liable for the remaining 25% either by student loan or pay out of pocket for example.
25% of the 75% provided are withheld (most probably sits in a trust fund) and paid upon completion of the terms stated at 1), 2), 3) and beyond.
If she doesnt fulfill those terms, she pays that 25%

This info is only based on what you have shown. I would read everything very carefully!

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I’m almost certain Mojo and Elf are correct in their interpretation. Basically, the scholarship will cover UP-TO 75% of the total cost, with 75% (of that 75%) awarded up-front and the rest upon the completion of the stated conditions. As a teacher myself, I know that the overwhelming majority of teachers quit in their first 3-5 years of teaching. I also know Nevada, particularly the Las Vegas area, is facing a major teacher shortage. I assume these conditions are specifically designed to address this issue and serve as an incentive to stay in the profession.

I agree with this interpretation. Check our how this school explains the scholarship.

Honestly, I thought I was saying what credits and butchdawg are saying. (75% scholarship with 25% of the 75% withheld until 5 years of teaching), but :grimacing:

Gary, she should have a financial aid advisor to walk her through this and clear everything up.

And good luck to her! She’s gonna have a great time once she survives the financial aid/award process.

She brought this info home Friday afternoon and I didn’t want to wait till next Wednesday for an explanation. Thanks for all your input:)

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With bureaucracy, it could be anything.