Citrina's Piplup Line* Collection- Major Spreadsheet Update: +Illustrations

Always love seeing your collection posts! Great update :slight_smile:


Ahhh thank you, that really means a ton!


This update is for the spreadsheet enthusiasts (and has given me something to do today other than work which I definitely should be doing)!

I’ve added another page to the spreadsheet- the Illustration Breakdown! Link here: Piplup Line Collection Tracker - Google Sheets This pulls data from the previous sheets and sorts it by release (Eastern or Western) all under whatever illustration it is. I sort my own binder via artwork, and I wanted a way to total how many of each card art I was missing. Not only that, but this makes it significantly easier to search for promos as well, since I know what art I’m looking for and can skim listings easier than trying to zoom in on the set number when it isn’t listed in the title.

Artwork is numbered in order of Japanese release (roughly- some of the promo numbering is a little off, but it’s close enough for my liking for now). Some illustrations are sorted as “x.1” and “x.2”- this is when the illustration is the same, but the card isn’t a direct reprint, such as the normal color and rainbow full art, or with non-tcg promo inserts listed with the card they came with.

As usual, these numbers are automatically-updating, so when I check something off the list on another page of the spreadsheet, it updates on this last page as well. Neat!

I’m still waiting on cards to arrive, so I have none to show for today- hopefully this makes up for it though!