Citrina's Piplup Line* Collection - All English Set Cards Complete!

Amazing collection

Thought i had the best piplup collection though :pleading_face:


If your collection makes you happy, it is equally as good as Citrina’s! As that’s what counts in this hobby


Today marks a truly momentous occasion- the completion of every English set card within the bounds of my collection released to date.

A few months back, I had the pleasure of completing a shikishi commission for @Dyl - it was a wonderful experience, and I absolutely loved the whole process.

The artwork

In addition to my usual fee for commissioned work, Dyl was so kind as to offer to purchase a card for my collection as a bonus. After looking through my spreadsheet, the Plasma Freeze Empoleon was chosen.

This is the last card I needed to complete one of my big goals for the year- all English set cards for my Piplup collection! I just received this beautiful copy today, and promptly cracked it for the binder.

I am so, so happy to be able to complete this goal for this year. An extra thank you absolutely goes to Dyl for this beautiful card to round out the collection.

There are still English promos to chase, but being all caught up with the set cards means I just need to stay on top of releases, which is much easier (usually!).


Congratulations on completing the English set cards!


Thank you so much! On to all of the other languages now!


Congrats, you sure left a banger as a final piece!


Congrats!!! This is a very cool finish


Congrats! That empoleon is excellent, im really starting to like those plasma freeze artworks


Thank you!! It’s harder to find in good condition than you’d initially think. There are so many listings with the corners chewed off or severely water damaged or what have you.

I appreciate it! It’s kind of wild that I’ve made it this far.

Thank you! Plasma freeze is especially nostalgic for me- it has so many great arts, and the foiling on the secrets is especially beautiful.


Big congrats on completing the English set cards!

And that artwork you’ve made looks amazing. :smiley: Quite an unique art style as well. Do you share your artwork anywhere to see more, like IG or DeviantArt or something?



Thank you! I’m excited I don’t have to play catch-up anymore with English.

And thank you so much! I tend to bounce around a lot stylistically depending on the medium. I’ve got a portfolio of some of my work over at but I also post over on Twitter@_artbeats and TikTok@citriina - I used to do DA/IG but the art community in both places have unfortunately turned pretty toxic, and I’m too old for the drama, haha.