Chinese Pokemon Cards

Afraid not, sorry to say! But I think there are a few people that might have Chinese orders building. @nintenbox0731 @eeveeteam etc


Sent you a request

Brave & Charming Stars - Simplified Chinese Pokémon opening | KrystalKollectz

This release features the Chinese exclusive Radiant Eevee along with other new additions


So iv spoken to multiple sellers out of China and in come to the conclusions that the difference in jumbo to slim packs seems to have started on nine colours gathering. Before that the jumbo and slim pack while different to traditional Chinese will be the same in both boxes for the Chinese market. I had a seller send me photos of 35 gold and hyper rare snorlax cards and I could not spot a difference so unless they all got pulled from the one pack there is no difference in early sets between the Chinese slim and Chinese jumbo.


Brave Stars - Simplified Chinese Pokémon Booster Box Opening | Slim & Jumbo | KrystalKollectz

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That is not true. I have Zeraora V slim and fat versions.
I think the difference start from cs3 and not cs4. Snorlax should be cs2 so there is only one version.


Thank you for that info. Cs3 i obviously overlooked after finding out it wasn’t in cs2

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A wild Pogo’s Blastoise Appeared :

We will probably see Squirtle, Wartortle and Radiant Blastoise arrive too


Was thinking this too, possible hint at a future radiant Blastoise with new art. Although now wondering how Pokémon China will release radiant Charizard in the future…

Also took shots of the Adaman & Irida promos and some accessories from the Diamond & Pearl Gift Box :blush:. They still have the “slim” pack card quality as a lot of these S-Chinese promos have had as far as I know.

If you want to see more specs of the Diamond & Pearl Gift Box and the booster packs they contain, be sure to check out my YouTube opening video!


:sparkles:There it is! Radiant Blastoise announced for Shadow of Glory subset (cs5.5C). What do you think of it? Do you prefer this over the original Pokemon Go art?


It’s definitely an improvement, although it also means that Kouki Saitou illustrated only 2 of the 3 Radiant Kanto starters. I’m not currently aware of any tcg artist who has drawn more than 2 cards in the JP Pokémon GO set including its promos (e.g. sowsow and saino misaki also drew 2)


The perspective makes Radiant Blastoise look bigger than usual, but otherwise I think it’s alright. :pikajoy:

the original radiant blastoise is probably the worst radiant artwork we’ve had, so yeah this one is better, but not by a whole lot for me. once again, blastoise looks like a joke which is unfortunate


Have sent you a friend request, interested in tracking down non-ENG/JP Chansey cards.

Oh fuck, mind sending it again? I declined it not knowing it was someone from the forum.

The new ar card is a promo and a set card in China and Indonesia just as a heads up

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Currently tracking down the Chinese promo at the moment, thanks for the heads up on the Indonesian one! Been looking into that one the last few days but haven’t had much luck

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I’m based in Aust I brought my indo from eBay there plenty there at 10ish each