Chinese Base Set 1st ed

helloooooo…! Haven’t posted here for ages - have just lurked as I’ve not been collecting for ages!

Just wondering if anyone has some 1st edition chinese base set boosters for sale? I want to collect again! :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome back nice to see you.

@pokemonchina might be able to help you with the chinese 1st ed cards.

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Hey! Long time no speak! Hope you’re well :blush:

I know and yes im fine hope you are too.

Bump as I want moar! :blush:

theres a chinese base set 1st edition booster for sale on ebay right now

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Chucked all my spare holos on eBay this evening

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Just a heads up - I can’t seem to see any of your listings on eBay UK?

Yep - they’re on the U.S. site