Chicolita and Totodile Neo starter deck without box value.

Hello everyone.I need some help here for the price I should sell this deck for without the box.From ebay I know how much it goes for brand new but I can not find the price for it without the box.The cards are all in near mint/mint,more to the mint side.If it had the box I would keep it for myself but I would rather sell and get one boxed in the future.Thanks in advance.

If you have time, part it out. Some are worth more than others. Pichu, pikachu, marill, those can fetch 15 dollars each.

At least that is what I would do.

@aj1 hook me up with some buyers for those prices.

I sold the unique artwork cards like @bagoly14 for $2-5.

Without the box, it is worth significantly less.
I’d say around 50% of the value in box.

I would have snatched those up at that price. They are really rare and look awesome, it isn’t that hard to find the right buyer.

Hence why I suggested parting it out, look for pikachu collectors :wink: look for pichu collectors. They pay premium :blush:

Why would someone pat a premium if it is three times the normal value?

Well ok, maybe premium is not the right word. But if you want to make as much as you can, selling a pikachu to a pikachucollector is the way to go.

I bought one for 15 dollars I think… :wink:

Cool I will try and sell it for half the price it goes with the box on ebay and if I cant shift it I will sell them in singles.Can be quite a bad market for japanese cards here on ebay uk mind you so hope I can sell it for the right price cheers.

Still looking for the geodude if anyone has it

I need the marill if you split it :grin:

See, people are looking for singles from this epic deck. Told you :wink:

Skarmory ftw

id do 10

Hi mrchub I will check the condition tomorrow when I get back home and let you know,sure it is nm to mint.

cool beans

Mrchub its only in excellent to near mint so I am happy to do a trade if you want.

Pm me