Charizard creator

Who created the Charizard jumpin out of the card shown above in the headers.
We may be able to use it on our monthly mag cover to go with an article I’m writing due for 2014 release. May be some compensation available if accepted. Thanks, in advance, for this info…Gary.

Think it was Bluey

It was Bluey! She’s so talented. Her banners are always of such high quality.

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I made the banner. :blush: Though, sad to say, the artwork isn’t mine. I was incredibly lazy…haha! If you want a similar image I’m sure I can make my own artwork and put something together for you (that way all of the ‘rights’ are mine). I would need some time though. I have a few projects going on and I’m upgrading jobs. :wink: Feel free to shoot me a message.

I love the charizard jumping off the 1st ed base card. If you could create something like that or better (maybe a PSA 10 encased card)…then it’d be great. When you’re freed up and have time to work on it, get in touch and see where in the process we are:)

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Do you have a good scan/picture of a PSA10 Charizard? I have a really good idea for it! :blush:

I have one I can photo in any way you’d like.
Tell me how to stage it or multiple ways you’d like to see it ie;background, tilt etc.