Charizard 1st Edition PSA 10- Estimate of # of owners

There are 121 Charizard 1st edition PSA 10s in existence. Undoubtedly, some of these owners own duplicates of the same card (i.e. Gary owns several).

What is your best guess at how many people actually own one?

My guess is <100.

We know that atleast one PSA 10 was cracked and submitted to BGS. I am unsure if that cert # was removed from the pop report. We don’t know how many copies are still in collector’s hands. It’s possible 1 or 2 copies got lost over the years. Let’s assume 120 copies exist. How many does Gary have? My guess is 120 - # of Gary’s copies - 5. So if Gary has 15 copies, I am guessing 100 unique owners.

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